Delight the Eyes with Twizzles Tasty Treats

Twizzles Tasty Treats is a small local business creating homemade truffles that can be ordered online or at events in and around the New York metropolitan area. While the logo and brand was designed by the designer, Adrienne Yesner, I was tasked to design a marketing website with Square as the store front.

I created 3 various style tiles and various wireframes before designing 3 mock ups of a home page, which then laid the path for an overall design of the website. Aside from privacy policy, terms of condition, truffle copy, and bio copy which were created by owner, I wrote all the header and byline copy as part of the design.

Style Tile

Twizzles Tasty Treats Style Tile


Twizzles Tasty Treats Wireframe DesktopTwizzles Tasty Treats Wireframe TabletTwizzles Tasty Treats Wireframe Mobile

Initial Conceptions

Twizzles Tasty Treats Mockups

View Live Site.

Along with designing and developing the site, I also helped to photograph and edit the truffles images.

Truffle photo edit before and after