SMCo Behind the Scenes

Standard Merchandising, Co (SMCo) is a 100 year old company that has been selling socks wholesale and also a factory to makes socks for other retailers. For this project, I worked with a small team of VP of product, director of digital, creative director, copywriter, and social media person.

The old website is non-responsive and looks outdated so I was tasked to bring not only the main marketing site up-to-date but all its sub brands, which had all the same look.

SMCo Behind the Scenes

I joined the team as the logo was finalized by another designer and wireframes had already been completed previously. My main task thus was to create a pleasing UI that fits the story of each brand. There are a total of eight brands that I had to create to match the logo. This includes selecting typography, setting type scale, color selection, and creating icons for each of the brands. Selecting type was limited to system font, Google font, or Adobe Typekit. As the site used the same backend, each of the icons were mainly the same set of SVG files with variation in colors and border weight.

The brands include: SMCo (marketing and wholesale site), B.ella, Red Lion, Alchester and Sons, QT, Nouvella, E.G. Smith, and Wright Avenue. Each brand is rolled out throughout the year.

SMCo marketing site

SMCo branding had to also work for its wholesale shop. This site is meant to evoke eco-friendly, made in America appeal to the overall American population.

SMCo Behind the ScenesSMCo Behind the ScenesSMCo Behind the Scenes

B.ella – luxury socks for women

B.ella sought to reach out to the established career women with a sense of style.

SMCo Behind the ScenesSMCo Behind the Scenes

Red Lion – athletic socks for all

Red Lion’s aim was for all people who are into sports, whether it’s school, varsity, or professional or for parents with kids who are athletically inclined.

SMCo Behind the ScenesSMCo Behind the ScenesSMCo Behind the Scenes

With the style tile and pattern library approved, the actual design of the website was much quicker. I worked with the creative director to create layouts that would best fit the visual graphics for the brand.

See Case Study for end result.