User Experience Design for Clinical Research App

I was hired to consult and create wireframes and designs for a software app for 5AM Solutions. This app contained various studios to help clinical research company track and collect data for pharmaceutical trials. Upon start of project, many of the wireframes were created for the different studio.

I worked specifically on the client facing studio to track clinical subject’s activity. I worked on wireframes for the desktop, tablet, and mobile in a high-paced agile environment.

Sunrise: Clinical research app wireframe

Designs for each wireframe were created for large and mid-size screen computers since most researchers use larger computer. The designs were based on a branded guideline of the app provided by the client.

I also worked on creating iconography for each studio. The original logo used molecular atom in the shape of a sunrise. With this atom in mind, I created a letter system based on amino acid, also considered the building blocks of matter. The molecule letter and shape are open-source. I designed the shape and sizes based on the original logo.

Sunrise: Amino Acid Letters

With the amino acid letters created, I combined them based on the initials of each of the studio’s name. This was then superimposed on icons that I created specifically to describe the nature of each studio within the app.

Sunrise: Clinical research app Icons